How to Make A Pumpkin Flower Vase


Buy a small pumpkin but one that is large enough to hold an arrangement of flowers. A large pumpkin will need a lot of flowers.

Select fall flowers ,seedpods,  greenery, and pretty grasses for your arrangement.

Brush off any dirt or leaves from the pumpkin and wipe the surface of the pumpkin to clean it. Pat the pumpkin dry using a hand towel.

Soak your oasis in a container so that it is saturated with water before you place it inside the pumpkin.

Prepare your workplace. Spread wax paper down across the workplace. Then spread newspapers on top of the wax paper. This protects your work surface by preventing liquid from seeping through.


1.  Using a sharp knife, cut the top off the pumpkin, creating an opening about 5 to 6 inches around. It needs to be large enough to hold a bouquet of flowers.

2. Using a large kitchen spoon, remove all seeds and the stringy ,dangling stuff inside the pumpkin. Set your pumpkin out to dry a bit. It does not need to be completely dry before you continue.(In the meantime, in a container, you can soak your oasis in water)

3. Reaching up about half way up on the inside, line the insides of pumpkin with a layer of aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  Although most pumpkins and gourds will be waterproof, this step makes the pumpkin even more impermeable

4. Cut and trim the oasis into a block that fits comfortably into the pumpkin. With the oasis, you have two options. 1. Use the oasis that you have soaked in water. Then fit the oasis into the pumpkin. OR  2. Set the oasis into the pumpkin, and then add enough water to saturate the oasis.

5. Beginning with greenery around the edges, arrange the flowers, and other plant material into the oasis. Use wire picks to give added support to any flowers that need added support.


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