October 11

Forcing Hyacinths
Posted on October 11th, 2012 at 2:11 PM by Newark Ohio Garden Club

Enjoy blooming hyacinths inside this winter by forcing the bulbs, ideally by mid October. Hyacinths can be forced by either planting the bulb in a pot of soil or using water in a hyacinth bulb glass. Selecting ┬ábulbs marked “suitable for forcing” increases success. For forcing in soil, use ordinary potting soil and plant the bulbs close together but not touching. The pointy end of the bulbs should be planted about half an inch deep. Water the bulbs thoroughly and place the pot in a cold (35-48 degree) dark place for at least 12 weeks. Keep the pot watered and in the dark until shoots reach 1 inch tall. Then move the pot to a location with light (north facing window is ideal) and cool temperatures around 55 degrees.
The process of forcing a bulb in water takes about a month.

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