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October is the time to plant bulbs for spring beauty and color.  Daffodils are a favorite of many Central Ohio gardeners because they are so versatile and hearty.  Daffodils naturalize year to year. Deer will not eat the daffodil plants or flowers and,  squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits will generally not dig, move, or chew daffodil bulbs.

Selecting bulbs

When selecting daffodil or other bulbs, pick only dry hard bulbs. Always try to pick the largest bulbs- the larger the bulb, the larger the flower.

Selecting a planting site

1. Good drainage is critical -a slight slope helps drainage

2. Plant where bulbs will have some sun. Ideally, select a site with at least half a day of sun.   Planting under a tree should work because daffodils bloom before foliage appears.

Preparing the soil

Lewis Turner in his publication Let’s Grow Daffodils, says, “Many people make the mistake of planting a $50 plant in a 25 cent hole.”  Good preparation improves drainage.  Lift soil the depth of a shovel  to break up large lumps of soil -especially if clay based.  OSU Extension recommends amending heavy clay soil by adding amounts of 1/3 to –  1/2 sand, compost, peat or aged bark.

Planting bulbs

Plant about 4 times the height of the bulb–6-8 inches for daffodils.

Plant daffodils in groups of 3 ,5 or 7.

Water bulbs after planting.


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Ohio sheet 1000/1237,html

For more information

www. our>hardy bulbs in Ohio fact sheet  HYG -1237-98

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