Posted on February 19th, 2014 at 7:38 PM by Newark Ohio Garden Club


Purchase or cut a variety of fresh evergreens. I bought a small swag at a local nursery, and separately added a few small fir branches.

The evergreens purchased had been treated with a preservative, If you cut your own greens, you may want to treat them. Keep the evergreens outside or in a cool place until ready for use. When ready to create, dismantle the swag. Separate different types of greens.

Soak the oasis in water overnight or at for least several hours.

Select a centerpiece base and a piece of wet oasis to fit snugly in the base. Use several pieces of thin tape to help anchor the oasis in the base.

Cut the evergreen branches into the size desired using pruning shears. Remove the needles at the very tip to be inserted. With a sharp knife, make a bit of a point on the end which will be inserted into the oasis.

Insert candle holders into the oasis. (When centerpiece is completed and ready for use, melt a little wax in holder to secure candles) Insert candles.

First, use sturdy varieties, such as fir and spruce. Insert these pieces of greens around the bottom part of the oasis. Turn the container as you work to create a pleasing balanced form. Then add some of the less firm and decorative varieties such as spruce. Add accent evergreens.

Add decorative holiday “glitzy” artificial decorations of choice.

Holly with red berries is very attractive and a good option if you do not own pets.  Natural pinecones wired on a pick are also very attractive with evergreens.

Fresh red carnations or roses inserted in a water tube can be used in lieu of artificial glitsy accents.