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February 19

Save the Date
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February 16

Pileated Woodpecker
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Taken right here in Newark, Ohio! AKA “Woody Woodpecker”

The woodpeckers enjoy the trees, and since we’ve had numerous storms in the past year, you might consider leaving some fallen trees for them to enjoy.

In addition, enjoy the link to the video about these large members of the bird family.






February 11

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What a beautiful site.

About Greenhouses

                  As with so many things, we have to look back to classical times for the origins of green houses. The emperor Tiberius, demanded the daily supply of cucumbers, and Pliny the Elder described these were planted in wheeled barrows so they could be placed in the sun each day and stored indoors at night.

In thirteenth century, Italian glass houses were built to protect the tropical flowers brought back by explorers.  The concept spread to the Netherlands and then to England.  The former made some of the largest houses and still produce millions of vegetables and flowers under glass each year.

The French called their first greenhouses orangeries (for protecting orange trees), later developing pineries or pineapple pits. As the methods of manipulating glass became more sophisticated in the seventeenth Century, more structured houses, such as seen at the Palace of Versailles, became possible.

The 19th Century is often seen as the heyday of the greenhouse, with notable examples at Kew in London,  and a particularly fine monumental  House built for King Leopold II of Belgium. The Eden Project – a  geodesic dome in Cornwall in the west of England was the world’s largest greenhouse when it was built in 2001.

Information from an e-mail card!  Who knew!



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See the Monthly Educational Exhibit for directions on making your own dried picture plaque. You’ll have a lot of fun!

Dried Photo Plaques save the wonderful flowers of summer.