Posted on November 30th, 2011 at 10:02 PM by Newark Ohio Garden Club

Share the joy of this beautiful season by providing edible decorations and treats for the birds. Cardinals,chickadees, woodpeckers,tufted titmice, bluejays,nuthatches, pine siskins (winter finches) ,Carolina
wrens and juncos are among the birds who stay with us through the cold,dark,and snowy Ohio winter.
In addition to keeping your feeders supplied with quality seed, hang pine cones smeared with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed. The birds especially appreciate birdseed rich in high calorie nutritious sunflower seed. Thistle is a must for pine siskins.

Suet cakes whether store bought or economically made in your kitchen are a special treat for woodpeckers and others.

Dawes Arboretum published a recipe for energy-packed Bird Cupcakes in its November 2011-January 2012 Programs and Events.
The recipe is provided here:
Melt 1 C.shortening and 2 C. chunky peanut butter over low heat. Then mix in 5 C. cornmeal.
Fill cupcake tins and top with your choice of seed or dried berries.
Cool in the refrigerator.
When cool. cupcakes can be placed in the crook of a tree or hung from a branch in a mesh-lined onion bag.
*Cupcake liners can be used to help make this project less messy.

Please try to provide a source of water for your birds this winter. Water is essential for their survival.

Submitted by Joan Cullen