Posted on June 8th, 2011 at 3:30 PM by Newark Ohio Garden Club

First beauties of the year

Every year we try new things in our gardens or our containers. Some new ideas are great. Some not so wonderful!  How do we keep track from year to year of what worked and what didn’t?

Create a journal, (with notes) or an album (with comments about the choices made).


1. Find a small spiral notebook and date your current garden. List the names of the plants in order by beds. You could note row 1 and 2, etc.

2. Keep it simple. For example, if the bed contains snap dragons, mums, sweet woodruff and ladies mantle, just put a plus (+) or minus (-) by each plant. That indicates how they did in that spot. If changes are needed for next season, note that.

3. If friends offer plant starts to you, note their name in the book, too.  They deserve a big “thank you” at the seasons end ….assuming the plant did well!


1. Take photos of plants in beds at different times  during the growing season. Label them and state which bed they’re in. For example: lobelia in south bed, petunias in west side bed.

2. After mounting the photos in albums, write the effect of the plant with others (did the ladies mantle look good with coreopsis?) or the same plus and minus evaluation in the journal.

NEXT YEAR Category in journal or album

Pre-plan your changes and additions for next year based on what happened during the current season. Talk with other gardeners sharing your experiences. If you had trouble with your garden perhaps they can make suggestions for next year or admit they had the same struggles. They also might identify weather problems, such as too hot weather for your green peppers resulted in a small crop.

Carolyn Hearing

New summer beauties