Posted on January 27th, 2011 at 5:08 PM by Newark Ohio Garden Club

It’s been a rough winter for birds and predictions are that February may be even worse. Cold temperatures, fewer daylight hours, and
snow -covered ground make surviving an Ohio winter a challenge for the many birds who winter in our area. High fat, high calorie foods such as quality birdseed, peanut butter smeared on a pinecone and then rolled in birdseed, and suet provide the extra calories needed to
survive long cold nights. Birds will be happy with the birdseed that is readily available in grocery and feed stores. Cardinals and many other birds especially love sunflower seeds. Putting food out in mid afternoon enables birds to eat before sleeping through cold nights.

Birds also need a reliable supply of water for drinking and bathing. A clean bird is a warm bird. Consider purchasing an electric heater for your birdbath. Your feathered friends will appreciate a reliable source of clean water. It’s great fun to watch robins and other birds splashing in the birdbath on the coldest days.

Watching the birds attracted to your backyard provides much enjoyment and makes winter more bearable.